Car Tune-Ups

Improve Your Engine's Performance

Improve Your Engine's Performance

Turn to us for car tune-ups in Tyler, TX

Are you getting fewer miles per gallon than you used to? Then you should reach out to Gilligan's Automotive Services. We provide car tune-ups in the Tyler, TX area. We'll inspect your vehicle and service any components that are bringing down your engine's performance and fuel efficiency.

Call us now at 903-343-7360 to arrange for a car tune-up.

Here's how to tell that you need to replace your spark plugs

Sometimes all it takes to make your engine perform more efficiently is to replace the spark plugs. Call us for car spark plug replacement services if:

  • Your engine is misfiring
  • You have trouble starting your car
  • Your vehicle accelerates slowly
  • Your car makes rattling or knocking noises when it's idling
We also offer car coil replacements. Contact us today to schedule car spark plug replacement services and more.